“Showcasing his extraordinary musical prowess through captivating jazz-rock fusion performances inspired by role-playing games, he delivers an exceptional and enchanting musical experience.”
JazzTrail (Magazine)

“Ken Aihara’s playing shines with exceptional skill and mastery, making a captivating addition to the jazz-fusion genre.”
Progressive Aspect (Magazine)

“Ken Aihara is one of the finest synth soloists I’ve played with, and his compositions have incredible depth.”
Evan Marien (Bassist, Allan Holdsworth, Virgil Donati)



Ken Aihara is a Japanese Keyboardist, Composer, Producer, and Sound Designer based in the vibrant music scene of New York. His innovative blend of Jazz-fusion, EDM, Rock, and more has given birth to a truly distinctive sound that defies conventions. The esteemed magazine “JazzTrail” raves about his performances as a captivating, energetically charged blend of influences.

Ken’s debut album, “Multiverse,” stands as a testament to his musical prowess. It features collaborations with luminaries such as Bob Lanzetti from Snarky Puppy, the mesmerizing Evan Marien (known for his work with the legendary Allan Holdsworth and Tygran Hamsian), the rhythmic powerhouse Marko Djordjevic (Matt Garrison and Wayne Krantz), and the versatile Aaron Nevezie (Nerve-Jojo Mayer and Emmy Award-nominated).

Beyond his album, Ken has shared the stage with New York’s musical elite, even teaming up with the legendary jazz bassist Paul E West, His contributions on albums alongside artists like Oz Noy and the two-time Grammy winner, Mike Marciano. Ken’s wizardry extends to the realm of synthesizers and sound design, work in promotional videos for Reason Instruments.

Expanding his global influence, Ken’s collaborations with Bollywood’s musical maestros have extended his reach across continents, contributing to projects that transcend borders. Ken Aihara is more than a musician; he’s a sonic pioneer, an architect of uncharted musical realms.

Ken Aihara’s new album release, ‘Circumsteller,’ features an electrifying lineup of world-renowned musicians, each adding their distinctive flair to this musical odyssey. Collaborators include the virtuosic Drummer Virgil Donati, the mesmerizing Anika Nilles (known for her work with Jeff Beck), Brazilian guitar sensation Andre Nieri, the dynamic Evan Marien, the exceptional Bob Lanzetti, and the ingenious Jonathan LundBerg of Dirty Loops fame.

Circumsteller’ is a testament to Ken’s global reach and his ability to unite musical talents from diverse corners of the world. This album represents a fusion of cultures, genres, and boundless creativity. It’s a sonic journey that defies conventions and invites listeners to explore new musical dimensions.”

Early Life

Ken started keyboard at age 3. From childhood, concerning his father’s work, he has spent summer in Europe and have a global perspective.

Ken attended Osaka University of Art(OUA), Electronic keyboard major in Japan. During his time at OUA, Ken won the first prize in the various competitions and he had the best keyboard award from Osaka University of Art. After getting a degree(B.E), Ken attended Berklee College of Music. Ken studied Piano under Steve Hunt(Allan Holdsworth), David Sancious(Jeff Beck), Jim Beard(steely Dan),Mark Rossi(George Russell), Dave Limina(B.B. King), to name a few. He also studied electronic production design major for sound design, mix engineering, audio programming, and post-production works.

Ken graduated Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music and he moved to New York. He got opportunities to play with top New York musicians.” Ken Aihara is recognized as a multi-talented artist who goes beyond being just a keyboardist. He excels as a composer, sound designer, producer, beat maker, and is also highly regarded for his skills in mixing and mastering.”